COVIDSafe Virtual Consultation

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The ARA is providing retail businesses in Victoria a free, one hour confidential virtual consultation to make sure your on top of your requirements, and your COVIDSafe Plan is following best practice. As time goes by and restrictions ease, we are at risk of complacency. This is certainly not the time for businesses or the community to be complacent. Recent cases in Victoria have certainly highlighted the importance for all of us to continue to take precautions and remain COVIDSafe. For retailers, this means keeping abreast of your obligations and ensuring you understand any current restrictions and workplace directions in place. Ensuring you have a documented COVIDSafe Plan and the plan is in accordance with local public health directions and occupational/work health and safety requirements. It’s critical the plan is implemented and regularly reviewed. While there are many examples of retailers applying COVIDSafe principles in the workplace, visits by WorkSafe Victoria and DHHS in recent months has highlighted some common issues and themes, exposing businesses to closure, improvement notices and significant monetary fines.