Professional Resilience: Building Skills to Thrive at Work

19 Mar 2021
Total Time
6 hours
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Deakin University

Learn how to make your mindset stronger in your personal and professional life. In a fast-paced world facing complex global challenges, resilience is no longer just a desirable skill – it’s a crucial one.

Having a high level of professional and emotional resilience enables you to thrive in the face of the stress of contemporary work and life. Discover the meaning of resilience and how it can empower your life and career. On this course you’ll learn the meaning of resilience. You’ll explore the capabilities, skills, and self-care practices that contribute to resilience. This will enable you to build up your own resilience so you’re ready to meet challenges both professionally and personally.

This course is designed for any looking to enhance their career or skillset by deepening their understanding of how to cope with pressure. It would be useful for people working in or aiming to work in high-pressure environments.