Strategies to Advance Your Online Business

6 Dec 2021
Total Time
3 hours
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In the digital world, content is king! Make sure yours is working for your business, your brand and speaking to the customers you want to reach.

Find out how to ensure the way you communicate with your customers online, whether by website, blog or social media, is not only compelling but also aligned to your business goals at this essential small business webinar.

Creating a strong online identity for your business is a vital element of successful modern marketing.

Discover why the most effective content is less about selling and more about listening to your target audience and then responding with the stories they want to hear.

Starting at the basics, learn how to develop, and then apply, a content strategy for all your online communications that speaks directly to your customers’ needs and keeps them coming back for more.

Spanning websites, social media, email marketing and video content, this webinar will arm you with the tools and techniques to stand out, show up in search engines, gain wider reach and boost your online visibility.

Every business has a story to tell and something to say to their customers. Get help to find yours.

Topics Covered:

• Set your tone and style
• Write digestible customer-focused content
• Maximise your exposure in Google with best practice website content, titles, and headings
• Capture the interest of your target audience
• Choose tools to automate content gathering and research, such as Google Alerts
• Develop effective headlines across websites, email marketing and social media
• Source usable images
• Develop video content, including dos and don’ts

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This course is available in the following languages:

  • English