The Importance of Solvency when Running your Small Business

Total Time
45 mins
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One of the great challenges for small businesses is the issue of solvency. This session provides some key tips to help maintain business solvency during these critical times. It will include a summary of the current government incentives to help your business stay solvent as well as guidance on preserving the key elements of your business in the tough times.

It will also cover some planning and communication tips for dealing with management, key clients, suppliers and statutory authorities as well as preserving the Corporate Veil which is a discussion on the various ways that directors and shareholders can be personally liable for company debts and provide useful ways to help clients preserve the corporate veil.

Topics Covered:

  • Maintaining solvency
  • Indicators of insolvency
  • Federal and State Government incentives for your business to stay solvent
  • Benefits of systemisation
  • Marketing strategies
  • Top line versus bottom line
  • Asset protection strategies


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