What is Leadership?

1 Mar 2021
Total Time
6 hours
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Deakin University

Learn what being a leader means and how you can practice leadership. Leadership is a term often used, and often misunderstood.

Investigate leaders and leadership to improve your effectiveness as a leader. In this course, we look to answer the question: ‘What is leadership?’ In the first week we explore two fundamental perspectives on leadership: leader as a person and leadership as a practice. In Week 2 we examine the difference between leadership and management so you can determine whether you are a leader in a management role, a leader without a management role, or a manager who needs to become a leader.

By exploring sources of power and influence, and how perception shapes behaviour, you will be able to address important issues more effectively.This thought-provoking course will help you discover more about yourself and others as we explore:

  • Why is leadership different to management?
  • What is effective leadership?
  • What types of power are needed to be a leader?
  • How can you influence other people at work?
  • How do individual differences shape the way people see leadership?